Delta Rae – Coming Home To Carolina

So I went to a concert the other night and a gospel prayer service broke out. OK, it wasn’t really a concert, it was a live DVD by the band Delta Rae. And it wasn’t really a prayer service but there was definitely something beyond a regular concert…something that transcended a normal music event. Without […]

311 Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Streamed Mardi Gras Concert

2020 marks the 30th anniversary of 311, one of modern rock music’s most beloved bands and one of alt-radio’s most successful acts. Three decades after forming in Omaha, NE, the band is still together with its original lineup, releasing music and performing around the world. Amidst the numerous unfortunate circumstances this year, 311’s 30th Anniversary […]

Jane’s Addiction – Live in NYC DVD/Blu-Ray Review

The band Jane’s Addiction if personified would be that guy or girl you know, you know who I mean, who has all the things you covet: lots of friends, vast wealth, success with the opposite sex etc. without having any of the requisite charm or personality you feel to deserve any of it. Just replace […]