Hold onto your hats and don’t forget to grab your purple eyeshadow because the iconic 80’s band Culture Club are back with brand new live DVD/CD, Live At Wembley.

Recorded following the band’s a well-received 2016 60-city world tour, the four original bandmates – Boy George (vocals), Jon Moss (drums), Roy Hay (guitars/keyboards), and Mikey Craig (bass) – returned home for the holidays in to host Wembley Arena in London.

A historic venue in its own right, the experience was captured on film to be packaged for consumers to view at home. Now available on Friday December 8, 2017 through Cleopatra Records, it makes the perfect Christmas gift for any Culture Club fan.

Available on DVD, Blu-ray, CD, as well as Vinyl, the nearly hour and half concert is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the Blu-ray or DVD has insightful interviews with the band members sprinkled in between sets like confetti.

If that was not enough, a color vinyl in either purple or pink will be made available to the public by the early part of 2018. This is a splendid way for Culture Club lovers to enjoy this memorable concert venue in the event that either they were unable to attend or you just want to relive the experience in the comfort of their own abode.

For those who need a little history lesson, England’s Culture club rose to stardom in the early ’80s, going on to be one of the biggest bands of the decade. Lead Vocalist Boy George, a classy, androgynous and colorful dresser appealed to the masses as the band won the hearts of fans with their fresh sound. Seemingly in a blink of an eye, Culture Club became a worldwide phenomenon selling more than 50 million records since.

Since then it has been an up and down ride full of rewards and personal conflicts. That in mind, despite band members  diverging directions over the years,  once reunited, they show the world that Culture Club has not lost its touch and has not faded to oblivion. Instead, the band has evolved into something more classic and enduring. Their showmanship on stage embodies the essence of maturity and they consistently wow fans with top notch concerts such as Live At Wembley.

Much like any Culture Club concert, Live At Wembley is full of their most celebrated hits. There are choice tracks from their 1982 debut album Kissing to be Clever interspersed throughout the performance including the soulful “They are “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,” “Time (Clock of the Heart),” and the hip swaying “I’ll Tumble For Ya.”

Adding intrigue to the package, Boy George’s interview on Live At Wembley is both compelling and telling when he makes a quip in response to the question posed to him about success. He mentioned that many artists do not actually envision how successful they will become since they are unable to fathom the extent of the possibilities. Sometimes success can simply be an accidental occurrence and it certainly is not planned. The one thing that Boy George has learned over the years is that you have to let people evolve to be who they are, not what you want them to be.

Furthermore, throughout the concert itself Boy George takes command of the stage. Emanated an aura of self assurance, he  displays an easy-going demeanor with the audience. Making it even more pleasant of a viewing experience he quickly establishes an easy rapport with individuals in the crowd and maintains eye contact. His angelic voice pierces the melancholy of the human soul and brings with it the radiance of the rainbow to shine within.

Other songs including 1983’s Colour by Number hit “Miss Me Blind” along with “Black Money,” sung as a duet with a backup singer, make for powerful additions to the setlist. Then of course there is the opening track “Church of the Poison Mind” which has a wailing harmonica solo that preceded Boy George sultry vocals punctuated with the chime of the tambourine. A must see, and fitting opening to the concert.  There there is also “It’s a Miracle” and “Move Away” sung in a softer key than years prior as well as the unforgettable “Karma Chameleon.” Finally, the encore of T Rex’s “Get it on” with the Boy George distinct vibe make it a cannot miss watch!

Did we mention that Boy George can cut a rug? He certainly has rhythm as he executes his dance moves on stage, and they are display in Live At Wembley. Culture Club certainly knows the secret to longevity in the music industry! What is it? It is so simple as to be laughable! It is to discover your inner passion and share it with the world. Sure, they were away for a while, but when they come together, magic is reignited. Now all fans can experience the magic of the new album, which had been put on the backburner for sometime but is finally seeing the light of day!

So, reach out and touch the heartstrings of the masses and they will love you forever! Culture Club’s life song? It’s a Miracle! All this said, anyone who is an admirer of this band or just a lover of ’80s music, do not forget to pick up Culture Club – Live At Wembley as the perfect stocking stuffer! for these reasons CrypticRock gives this new Culture Club release 5 out of 5 stars.

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